Trouble with Windows 10 upgrade and ZT and WE

Loy <loyrg2845@...>

I have had a problem upgrading to Win 10 on my Win 7 computer.
After upgrading,  I installed ZoomText and Window Eyes,
latest version and as long as WE was not running ZT worked fine. But if
I started WE the screen would flicker. If I uninstalled ZT and just run WE everything worked fine. I spent sever hours on the phone wit ZT tech support, but no solution was found. After that I uninstalled ZT and WE and installed Fusion. Same problem.  So I'm giving up on Win 10 on this computer and am reinstalling Win 7 from a system image I made just before upgrading. ZT tech support said they had not seen this before. By the way all display drivers were up to date. And the computer is a Dell, I just bought back in the spring.
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