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Robin Frost

Thanks for replying.
I wonder if the braille edge or vario have replaceable batteries or if they must be done by their respective makers.
I appreciate your reply (smiles).

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 10:47 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Speaking of braille displays

Hello Sis Robin:


I have the HIMS BrailleSense Plus!  It’s an older model of course as the BrailleSense U2 has overthrown it <LOL>!!


First, what I don’t like:  Continued development of the software that runs on it in Windows CE 5.0, use of Internet Explorer 6 as browser, Flaky wireless connectivity—it has a mind of its own; as I type this, I am sitted directly in front of my router.  Forget that ma’am, the BrailleSense Plus can’t find my wireless network. 


I’ll never use this thing to access the Internet.  I’ll have to wait till the next set of astronauts return from the moon before it gets through downloading and sending my E-mails; yes, I get tons of E-mails!  I can’t even use it to surf the Internet and get good results.  For such issues, I prefer the use of my computer or my Shiny Crappy Android phone!  Shiny crappy?  Yeh, that’s my way of singing the praise of my Android toy and I am hands over foot in love with it.


Second, what do I like about my Braille display?  Well, I can use its calculator for simple arithmetic; I can read tons of books in text, .brl or .brf and .doc .docx formats whilst riding the bus home or when in a noisy environment.  I can open at least seven documents if memory serves and skip from one to the other.  And, yes, the tech support of HIMS is NOT bad!  It’s nearly at par with that of the blessed GW Micro now dying or folding into another corporation in the name of merger.  Oh, it does have a replaceable battery which, sadly, I must order directly from HIMS!  My local battery dealers can’t find the kind and type of battery it uses.  For the time being, the BrailleSense Plus still gets FREE SOFTWARE and FIRMWARE updates!  How long this shall continue remains anybody’s guess. 


I used to have the BrailleNote.  It fell to pots and I just couldn’t justify spending over $2,000 to have it repaired by Humanware.  The tech support of Humanware was more than horrible and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with or touch their product anymore. 




Denver, Colorado   

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