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I think that the hp computers  that Kevin sells on the blindadds list all have a fresh install of windows so they do not have all  the hp bloatware.

I purchased a used hp on amazon a few years ago and it also had a fresh install.

So nice to turn a machine and have to face all that garbage.


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Yah, I bought an Asus computer five years ago and still don't have it working.  I made the mistake of putting in a password for startup then can't remember it.  So, I bought a couple of the HPs from Kevin who sells on one of these lists.  Would like to get the Asus running but don't know how to get past that password thing.


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Yeah but Lenovo still has some stuff that just duplicates what Windows already haz.

Its not as bad as some others though.

I’ve not used ASUS built computers and didn’t know they built them themselves.

I’ve got one that I had custom built but didn’t know they made them to.



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Yes, it is better for some of the other big name brands. for instance, Lenovo doesn't usually stick you with third party antimalware, their stuff is generally just stock windows. Asus is similar.



On 9/20/2021 4:34 PM, Monte Single wrote:

Note, this is just a grind about my new p c experience, delete at will.


Yes Friends,  I lied………………………………………………

A few short months ago I said I would not get a new p c for win11.

Well, I did get a new pc  but not just for win11,  I just had an urgeto buy that did not go away  even after a few sleeps.

It is  an hp pavilion tp01-1009 desktop.

It is fairly low down on the  scale of the latest and greatest.

It has win 10 home,

A s s d 500 gig drive,

8 gig ddr4 2660 mhz ram,

A core i5 10th gen processor and all the usual onboard audio, video, network, wifi and Bluetooth with a standard array of usb ports.

Yes, it is a fairly compact and quiet tower.

This is the first                            new brandname   computer I have owned in about   25 years.

Normally,  I just have one put together from brand name parts  at a localshop;  but in the last while, the price of parts has  been increasing so a brand name box looked like a good choice.

The hp keyboard has 4 keys to the left of the spacebar,  which I did not realize at the time and I was unable to get it narrating right out of the box.

So far, I give h p  support a big freakin fat  0.

I got a frien to help me set it up and that was a trip in itself.

I already have a windows account,  but between all the hoops and hurdles I had to go through and over before reaching the desktop,  I felt like Jobe  in the midst of the tribulations.

It took  15 20 minutes to get to the desktop with all the preliminary mumbo jumbo  and I still don’t know if I have offered my firstborn and soul to the devillllllll.

…and then there was all that free crap to get rid of like, mcaffee,  virtual v p n,  office 365 trial,  office trial,  and a whole truck load of h p “services.


A standard installation of m s win10 home is about 30 gigs.  After removing all that garbage, I am still using 50 gig on a brand new machine.


Even though I thought I got rid of mcaffee,  they still insist on sending me email…  insidious bastards.


The only thing I kept was the 100 gig dropbox account free for a year.


I doubt the first time out of the box experience for the other big name brands  is much better.


More later, I’m sure!




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