Re: Windows 10 and Sound forge Pro 15 with JAWS

John Holcomb II

The problem doesn't happen on Windows 7.
Just on 10.

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No its not.
If you disable the Freedom Scientific accessibility Display driver in device manager it helps somewhat .
Playback is instant but the recording dialog is still unresponsive nearly.
This is with new Jaws 2022beta.
I have reported it.
Also as I said , run the default user directory and it works fine.
Its definitely something to do with scripts and jaws.

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Well that's not good news. I hope FS finds time to sort that out as I was planning to buy Jim's scripts for SF. Kinda defeats the purpose of the scripts, eh?

Fingers crossed,

On 9/21/21, John Holcomb II <> wrote:
Its happening to Jim too.
Unlike me though Jim has Jaws 2021 o and SF 15 on a windows 7 box .
Its a problem with freedom scientific as I understand it.
On Sep 21, 2021, at 10:37 AM, Blaster <> wrote:

´╗┐You have more then enough horsepower to run SF, it's got to be your
soundcard. The onboard sound chips were never meant to do more then
play computer sounds and to play mp3's or video.


On 9/19/21, John Holcomb II <> wrote:
Hey all,

SO I've got Sound Forge Pro 15 and the scripts from:

The Snowman <> 's
Scripts for Jaws For Windows (

With JAWS running in Sound Forge with the scripts, Sound Forge is
sluggish to the point of being nearly not responding.

If I hit space to play it takes at least one second for the audio to

If I hit control +R to open the recording dialog JAWS actually
stops talking, and won't do so again until I go to my desktop with

I've tried using SF with narrator and this doesn't happen with narrator.
I've also tried using it with the default user directory loaded from
JAWS and this doesn't happen then either.

This is on Windows 10 21H1 with Jaws 2021 July update on a M.2 SSD
on a Core
I7 X processor with 64GB ram.

Anyone got any ideas?

This never happened with Windows 7 and Sound Forge Pro 9 or studio 10.



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