Re: Looking for an add on for Chrome



Please use this addon. It's the same as sound on click & is being
actively maintained by the creator. I have got in touch with him & he
is very responsive. I am using it both on Chrome as well as Edge.
here is the URL:

do let me know how you like it.
Thank you,


On 9/21/21, Thomas N. Chan <> wrote:
This extension is no longer on chromestore.

How I maintain the install version is to copy the chrome profile in my old
installation drive, which also kept all my login info, cookies, bookmarks
and so on. That will also keep all my install extension previously

its located at
there's a folder call chrome
thats where chrome kept all their stuff, also including multiple profile

Unfortunately, i didn't find a similar or even close to what soundon can do
on the chromestore

Thomas N. Chan

On Mon, 20 Sept 2021 at 23:30, Loy <> wrote:

I have an add on on one computer called "sound on click" I want this on
another computer, but can't find a download link for it. does anyone have
this or tell me of a similar add on I can download. The add on makes
when web pages changes.

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