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That could be.  It may be a way to learn what you want or need quickly because the training can be tailored to teach you what you don’t know while not going over a lot you already know.  But I have no idea of the cost and it may not be worth the money. 
But you may find that you only need a small number of lessons so it may not cost that much.

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Kay, were you thinking about remote training or something in-person? If remote I think Hartgen consulting is now doing remote trining. Might be worth investigating.
Frank Ventura
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Hi all,
Let me start by saying this is going to be a long one.  You might say that the computer problem is me.  At one time I was a techie and loved a challenge.  I even worked for a business as a trainer and installer of computers and  adaptive technology.  I worked all over the state of Wisconsin with all kinds of people at various levels of computer knowledge.  I enjoyed the work but moved away from there and got away from adaptive technology, but of course, still used tech.  I still have a computer that a friend of mine and myself put together.  This is the machine that I am writing on right now.  It was built in 2004 and still flies.  All parts are industrial grade and you can tell.  This machine has XP on it but can be upgraded with a bit of hardware replacement.   I did have a laptop that has Windows 7 on it but never really liked it.  In fact, I have two machines that have 7 on them.  I never really got the hang of 7, but wasn't apposed to it, just never really got it and didn't have anyone to help me figure it out.  I am not stupid and not a slow learner, but I just don't get it.  Now we come to the problem.  A couple of months ago,I received a Del laptop with Windows 10 on it.  I am so frustrated with it.  I just don't understand 10.  I don't understand the start menu, the layout, how to find things and so much more.  I get that there is a search at the top of the start menu and I can search for things, but do I hit tab, enter or what?  I want to personalize it and get things going but I can't even find my way around the thing.  Every time I try to do anything with it, I run in to road blocks.  
What I really need is someone to help me learn everything.  Someone who would be willing to start out from the beginning or basics and go from there.  If I know something, we can move on.  I would be willing to pay obviously for your time but otherwise I just don't know what to do.  I feel totally frustrated and don't know where to turn.  If anyone has any ideas, or knows of anyone that is good with teaching computers, could you please let me know?  I feel embarrassed coming out here on these lists, but I truly do not know what else to do.  I have to move on and learn this, but it just isn't working this way.  Thanks for any help with this.

Kay Malmquist
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