gmail question

Madison Martin

Hi all,
I know that this can be done to a gmail account ( as I have this set up), but
I'm wondering is it possible to have gmail messages forwarded to another
address? I know how to forward individual messages, but I'm talking about all
messages sent to my gmail address. I'm thinking about changing addresses because
I'm worried that I'm not receiving all of the messages sent to my gmail account
and I'm hoping that changing addresses to one set up by my ISP will fix this
issue. I already have the address I just have to add the account to Outlook,
it's the address that I have gmail set up to forward messages from. Using
latest versions of Jaws, Office 365, Windows 10 and I use the latest version of
firefox to access the gmail interface (which I only do when I need to mark a
message as not spam or to access gmail settings). Look forward to any
help/suggestions that anyone can provide!! Thanks Madison

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