internet radio URL

Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>


Does anyone have tips of how to go about finding the direct URL of a
station? I want to add stations to the stream, but I have to setup
custom playlists to do so, but its not easy to find the URL. Many
times it get changed, and then if I go to the website, many have
flash, and then its not possible to easily just find a URL wich can be
copyed, or sometimes they have streams available, but not in supported
formats or playlist files. I use tapinradio but from there its not
possible either as far as I can find to copy a URL over. Only ITunes,
but even then, if I cannot find the URL its difficult. I was wundering
if there is perhaps a seprit URL finder utility out there wich can
capture a flash stream for example, and get the URL and make it
available for copy? If I can manage that, and the playlist file is
wrong, I will at least be able to save it to a supported playlist. As
long as the URL have the correct streaming protocall.

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