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When does it pause and what are you doing when it does?  Are you reading by line or reading in some other way? 
Also, if your intention is to use read to end, you are using a JAWS command.  What you hear is correct and has nothing to do with the synthesizer you are using.  That is an object navigation command.  the read to end command for NVDA is NVDA key down arrow, using the down arrow on the main keyboard.  NVDA uses the numpad for other purposes.

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Subject: [TechTalk] two issues when reading with NVDA

Hello, I have started using the IBM manager for my speech synthesizer and I noticed it does not continuously read text. It pauses while reading. I have my punctuation set to none. So I thought it would not pause while reading. Is there another setting I need to look at?

I noticed that when I do insert numb pad 2, it saids no objects inside instead of reading the file. I never noticed this was happening as I use the down arrow and insert. So  can you use the numb pad and insert keys to read text? I am using keyboard layout as desktop. I am currently running NVDA version: Version: 2020.4.

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