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Michael Babcock <michael@...>

hi all!

I've been a member of this list for a while now, and thought I would share this latest episode with you.

We start this episode out talking some troubleshooting steps out for Michael having strange Audio with his internet with a discussion of his reaper setup.
Damashe shares a little about how he’s getting better video into his video calls.
Michael asks an important question about what does hardwired really mean?
while we discuss how nice it is to have the ability to call someone for support.
We take some time to share information about the Apple event and what was announced.
This then transitions us into a conversation about IOS15 changes.
We chat briefly about our thoughts on using Android with the Pixel
and this episode is closed out by each of us sharing our favorite app/book for this week.
you can download the episode at:

Would love some feedback!

Michael - KJ7PAZ

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