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the utilities discussed are not legal.  I haven’t looked at the site except to look at the title bar which is clearly discussing illegal use.  Here is what the title bar says on the page:
eBook DRM Removal, Remove DRM from ePUB PDF AZW etc
Discussing and promoting illegal software isn’t allowed on the list.  This is for legal protection of the list.  Lists can be shut down for such activity.
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To make Audible Books accessible, for $25 you can purchase a utility that converts the AAX Audible files into MP3. 


Go to to check it out.


They also have another utility that will convert Kindle books into other formats more accessible.  Think it costs around $50.



Both utilities are a bit Funky when it comes to Accessiblity.  It can be done with a screen reader, and nce you know the steps, it is fine.  But, learning those steps took me a while. 



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