Problem with Do Not Disturb on iPhone. Anyone have any ideas?

Carolyn Arnold

Somehow, yesterday, as far as I can tell, out of the blue, my iPhone 11 updated to 15, got on Do Not Disturb. I happened to check it this morning and had nine missed calls. Why that happened, I have no idea at all.



I went into Focus to see if I could get rid of what I set up to turn it on at  church, because it turned it on when I got to the address Sunday, but it did not turn it off when I left, but I finally realized it was off and turned it back on that night. . I could not find the setting for the address I entered.



This morning, I happened to check phone, and there were nine messages from yesterday afternoon and this morning. I asked  Siri to turn off Do Not Disturb, and Siri did. I have no idea why or when this happened, sometimes yesterday afternoon apparently.



This is irritating, and I hope someone has an idea for relief of this problem – thanks in advance.




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