Re: Problem with Do Not Disturb on iPhone. Anyone have any ideas?

Carolyn Arnold

Thanks. That should be the solution I needed.

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Go to settings, focus
Then to do not disturb
at the bottom of the screen, there's this button call add schedule or automation go in there and you should find what you are after if you did set up something and you can change it or disable it.

Thomas N. Chan

On Fri, 1 Oct 2021 at 22:54, Carolyn Arnold < <> > wrote:

Somehow, yesterday, as far as I can tell, out of the blue, my iPhone 11 updated to 15, got on Do Not Disturb. I happened to check it this morning and had nine missed calls. Why that happened, I have no idea at all.

I went into Focus to see if I could get rid of what I set up to turn it on at church, because it turned it on when I got to the address Sunday, but it did not turn it off when I left, but I finally realized it was off and turned it back on that night. . I could not find the setting for the address I entered.

This morning, I happened to check phone, and there were nine messages from yesterday afternoon and this morning. I asked Siri to turn off Do Not Disturb, and Siri did. I have no idea why or when this happened, sometimes yesterday afternoon apparently.

This is irritating, and I hope someone has an idea for relief of this problem – thanks in advance.

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