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Hello. Well, the trick with tapinradio regarding the favorite option,
that will work if you were able to brouze for the station and then
being able to add it, but it will not work if I don't have the station
link in the first place. The other link is not bad, but it seems that
guy only have a few countries stations. So not working either. And
with tunein radio it will not work if you were to go on their site as
they either will stream in flash or take you to a link to get the app
for the phone.

On 15/12/2015, Rajmund <brajmund2000@...> wrote:
Well, try:

You could get the playlist off it, copy the URL, and add it into the stream.
I hope this helps. If it fails, however, I still have an idea.

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Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 7:48 am
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Does anyone have tips of how to go about finding the direct URL of a
station? I want to add stations to the stream, but I have to setup
custom playlists to do so, but its not easy to find the URL. Many
times it get changed, and then if I go to the website, many have
flash, and then its not possible to easily just find a URL wich can be
copyed, or sometimes they have streams available, but not in supported
formats or playlist files. I use tapinradio but from there its not
possible either as far as I can find to copy a URL over. Only ITunes,
but even then, if I cannot find the URL its difficult. I was wundering
if there is perhaps a seprit URL finder utility out there wich can
capture a flash stream for example, and get the URL and make it
available for copy? If I can manage that, and the playlist file is
wrong, I will at least be able to save it to a supported playlist. As
long as the URL have the correct streaming protocall.

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