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Oh Gene

I pray that one day you will be able to get home

stay strong and best wishes



“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

- - Winnie the Pooh


Please walk with me through a second chance of life:


-Sugar, ❤😘


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Much appreciated Gene.  Thank you.

On 7/10/2021 10:52 pm, Gene wrote:

If this message starts to generate much discussion, I’ll ask that it be moved to the chat list.  I don’t want to encourage such off topic messages here because it is completely off topic.  There are times when I allow off topic discussions, such as when someone announces serious health problems of a wwell known member or when someone announces the death of any member.  But these sorts of general discussion messages should be on the chat list. 


I’ll allow a small amount of discussion here in this case but that isn’t permission for general off topic discussion. 


Gene, Owner

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Subject: [TechTalk] OT: My Version of the classic song, Home


Hi all.  One of the consequences of this horrid pandemic is that some of
us have been separated from our families because of travel restrictions
that have had to be imposed.  As such, we are, in many ways homeless
because we are stuck in a non-family environment.  To those of you who
suffer from loneliness or homesickness like me, I'd like to dedicate
this musical message that I recorded for my wife and kids to you as
well.  Stay safe and be strong in the hope that we can go back home
soon.  Please read the message below.  I hopeGene won't mind.  Cheers!

Message starts here:
Hi All.  I am a Singaporean married to a Filipina.  My wife and five
kids are all in the Philippines, and as you would expect, one of the
consequences  of the Pendemic is that we are not allowed to travel, and
even if we were, then we have to go through Quarantine in Manila, before
we can go to the city or province in which our families live.  So I sang
this classic and sent it over Whatsapp to my wife and kids earlier to
try to quell the loneliness and homesickness I'm feeling.  It's the
classic song Home, not sure who the original singer was, but was revived
and made popular by Michael Buble.  I've been away from the wife and
kids for almost two years, and it is very unlikely that I can go back
this year.

This was a quick recording and mix, so it is far from perfect, but I
hope you guys will appreciate it just the same.  For instrumentation, I
used a cheap folk guitar with a very good pickup with three band
equalizer.  I connected that to a little yamaha amplifier which i in
turn connected to my Behringer interface.  For drums, I used a Cajon
with a thick wire brush as a stick and a ball of cloth nailed to a stick
to replicate the bass drum pedal, since I couldn't find the appropriate
drum set I needed to get the feel of the song.  I added highhats and
cymbals and toms from EzDrummer and some sound font strings to make it
all complete.  It's not perfect, but I hope you guys appreciate it just
the same.  The link is below:


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