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I’m not sure how you are using.  I don’t recall which screen-reader you are using but whatever the case, I think you should turn automatic switching between the virtual pc cursor and forms mode off as the states are called in JAWS.  In NVDA, they are called browse and focus mode.  The sounds you are hearing are notifications that you have changed from one mode to another.  If you want the notifications to be spoken rather than indicated with a sound, you can change that as well.
As far as using another e-mail program, I use Windows Live Mail.  You will have to get the installation file from someone if you want to use it because Microsoft doesn’t support or distribute it any longer. 
On my machine, I’ve heard different reports from different people using different machines, it opens messages faster than Thunderbird.  Aside from that, I don’t have much preference between the programs. 

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Hi Everyone,

I don’t like and don’t want to use Windows Mail anymore, so I now need to decide on another email program, as my personal opinion of Windows Mail, is just too many issues.  Now for my other problem, when trying to fill out a survey through a link I got from an email, I keep checking the boxes I want to check, as well as adding other information using Brave as my browser, but it seems as soon as I get to an edit box rather to fill out the edit box or just browsing through the web page, I hear a pop up sound, and can’t move any where like I’m stuck in that edit field until I press the escape key.  Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? I never had this problem when using Windows ‘seven. 


Thank you all in advance.




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