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It sounds like forms mode might be set to automatic.  Try the following while in Brave.
1. Open the Settings Center in either of these 2 ways.
A. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + 6, on the number row above the main keyboard.
B. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + F2, to open the, Jaws Manager, arrow down to, Settings Center, & press enter.
2. Down arrow to, Forms mode, and right arrow to open.
3. Down arrow to, Select forms mode... your selection will be spoken.  i.e, Select forms mode automatic, for example.  Use the spacebar to toggle through your options.  Below is the 3 options explained:
Use radio buttons in this group to automatically or manually enter Forms Mode. Select Auto to automatically enter Forms Mode when you press TAB, SHIFT+TAB, or the ARROW Keys to move to a control. Auto Forms Mode means that you can freely type in the edit field without having to first press ENTER. When you exit the control, Forms Mode turns off. This functionality can be very useful for new and sighted JAWS users. Auto Forms Mode is on by default. Select Manual to manually control Forms Mode operation. Manual Forms Mode is used by default when using Navigation Quick Keys to jump to a form control, such as F or E for the next form field or edit box. This means that when you move into an edit field or combo box control, you must press ENTER first to type text or select a value. To manually exit Forms Mode, press NUM PAD PLUS or ESC.
Select Semi-auto to have JAWS automatically enter Forms mode only when TAB or SHIFT+TAB is pressed to move to a form control. Moving to a form control using Navigation Quick Keys and ARROW keys will not activate Forms Mode. You must manually exit Forms Mode when Semi-auto is active. Using Manual or Semi-auto Forms Mode may be better suited for experienced users.
Note: When Forms Mode is on, Say Line or Say All reads all text on the current line. This includes labels and descriptions.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Hi Everyone,

I don’t like and don’t want to use Windows Mail anymore, so I now need to decide on another email program, as my personal opinion of Windows Mail, is just too many issues.  Now for my other problem, when trying to fill out a survey through a link I got from an email, I keep checking the boxes I want to check, as well as adding other information using Brave as my browser, but it seems as soon as I get to an edit box rather to fill out the edit box or just browsing through the web page, I hear a pop up sound, and can’t move any where like I’m stuck in that edit field until I press the escape key.  Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? I never had this problem when using Windows ‘seven. 


Thank you all in advance.




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