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John Holcomb II

Passing along for anyone that would find this useful.

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Hello all,

I am writing to you all for there may be those who need something as this and surely, there may not.

Equitas Life Technologies, Inc.
Equitas: Latin meaning fair or equal.

Our goal is to end the category of contra-indication of those disabled in regarding to the use of medical devices.

We have designed and will bring to market the first insulin pump indicated for those blind, deaf, dyslexic and/or those with motor issues with their hands.

Tens of millions needing, not wanting this device.

We will answer their cries for accessibility and we believe we have done an amazing job.

Our prototype is complete and bench tests are positively exciting.

Our website will give much more regarding all we are doing.

I hope to catch your interest as we have done by many from around the globe that need this device.

Please take this notice as simply that we are letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Nothing more, nothing less.

We also have a group list so not to fill up other's lists as this. This is technology for the blind and with that understood, you can join our group or write me direct if you choose.

Pass the word/news and if any of you do a newsletter or a podcast, contact me in the hopes of doing a story. Again, to simply let those needing, know that something is in the works.

Remain safe/well,

Rick Mladek
Equitas Life Technologies, Inc.
Office: +1-330-297-8938
Mobile/Whatsapp: +1-330-357-6386

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