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Hi Janet.


Is your keyboard USB?

If so, just unplug it from the desktop computer and plug it in to one of the USB ports on your laptop and you should be good to go.


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Hi Everyone,

Well, here I am with another question.  Now that I can’t get my Windows Seven to boot up, can I plug in my keyboard from Windows Seven to my Windows Ten Laptop? If so, what might I have to do to master this task? I’m only using my Windows Ten Laptop, in which I find one hell of a struggle!  LOL!  I can’t stand the keys on this Laptop, and I don’t want to buy a new computer just yet, because I heard Windows 11 has been released recently, and I am currently still learning Windows 10, as well as learning to use a Laptop as opposed to using a Desktop.  Chances of me ever buying another Laptop are very slim!  Although, I will keep this Laptop as a backup once I finally get a Desktop. 


Thank you all for any suggestions.

Janet So, one challenge at a time!  LOL!


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