Re: Is it possible for a piece of software, specificly NVDA, to automaticly finish what tech support had been remotely trying unsuccessfully to fix weeks ago from somewhere else?


I would guess it was asleep, and the battery was getting low so it woke up to hibernate instead. If it was run by someone else before who may have been causing it to do a lot of talking but in such a way that they were not interrupting speech e.g. mostly using the mouse and or the driver was glitched out and not polling properly, it could have queued up a whole bunch of speech output and still been talking when put asleep, so that it continued speaking once it woke itself up later.

The female voice was probably Microsoft Sira and I would guess that Narrator was running, either because they started it or because it started itself, which can happen sometimes if Windows knows you use a screen reader but yours closed out. Every once in a while I can close JAWS for instance and Narrator will start without me wanting it to.

On 10/11/2021 5:35 AM, Sharon Hooley wrote:

I heard something weird tonight. It was a female voice, probably text-to-speech, which I have not been using, seemingly coming through my laptop speaker from across my room. She was saying things like, "Sharon Hooley... Accessibility... access... Enter... Enter... Down... Zero... down... Zero... I'm in a rehab center, and I know that I wasn't hallucinating, because it was also heard at the nurses' station. I had someone check it in the closet, but my laptop was turned off. I don't think it was even plugged into an outlet. Is it possible that NVDA was automaticly catching up with what the tech support reps had been trying to fix remotely weeks ago at my house, but had been stuck at the time?

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