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Billy Inglis

hi guys, Does Amazon UK have such a line?, Billy

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Hi Fanus,

I had this happen with a book purchased on Amazon Kindle and I called
the Amazon Disability line at 888-283-1678. They took care of it for me.

You can check out and enroll in their print disabled access
program. They can find a book that is inaccessible and many times
convert it into a form that is readable. If you qualify as print
disabled--similar to the NLS program in the USA and the CNIB in Canada,
you can gain access to proprietary books that has access to.

On 10/11/2021 12:26 PM, Fanus wrote:
Hello list
The past few days I purchased 3 books from the Kindle section of amazon.
None of these is accessible on the pc and when I load the books on my iPad
Mini 5 I get a message "VoiceOver does not support this content". I have
purchased many Kindle books but never encountered this problem. Is there any
way to read or must I just ask for a refund.

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