Re: A low tech question: Is there a Braille transcription service available for any individual request?


Yes there are a lot of Braille transcription services around. National Braille Press has a free Braille listing of individuals who will transcribe things for a person.  You can order the braille list from them for free.  They have a toll free phone number on their website.  I think nls could also help you with a list.  Nbp and Horizons for the Blind and some other places will transcribe for a fee for businesses.  Hope that helps.


On 10/12/2021 7:54 AM, Sharon Hooley wrote:

Does anyone know if I can request Braille transcription service? I'm in rehab where there are menus and activities calendar. I cannot access them online; only print. Sure, I could do my best with OCR, but how do I mark what I want? So I'm wondering if there's a transcription service where anyone can personally send copies to be printed in Braille for free, if not a low price? Maybe this could turn into something that will make Braille format available for anyone in a facility where I first requested it, not just for myself. Any thoughts?


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