Re: Blood Pressure Testing Device Opinions

Robin Frost


I'm using the Qardio arm in conjunction with an iPhone and find it and its app to be accessible and reliable.

Set up was straightforward as was usage. Unfortunately unlike many other talking units it has no means to being used with an AC adapter but battery life using 4 triple a cells has been fine. Should you get one the unit is worn with the rectangular shaped body of the unit in towards your body and its logo pointing down towards the hand. This logo can be felt on the body of the unit by most unless there is severe neuropathy in play but one can also orient it by feel of the button which opens the battery door which should be pointing up towards the shoulder.

I hope this helps.

If an iPhone connection isn't what was being sought I don't know if the Mabis unit is still being made or offered but that one served me well for a long time too.

Take good care.


On 10/10/2021 12:56 AM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi All,
I'm in the market of replacing my current Reizen blood pressure testing machine, mainly because it's almost 20 years old and seems to be reporting irraticly.
The hose doesn't seem to have any cracks, and the hose seems to plug in an seal sufficiently
So, I'm looking for a replacement device and would like to get opinions of some good talking blood pressure testing machines from all you good folks.
All input is greatly appreciated and graciously accepted.  Thanks mooy moocho.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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