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Joe Orozco

Hi, this thread is rather timely as I'm currently looking for a
solution for someone. Are these Dexcom and Libre systems available
over the counter, or are they prescribed? Someone was saying the Libre
system comes with and without a reader, and that we should not be
looking for the one with the reader. If someone has a direct link to
either of these devices, that would be great. Thanks guys.--Joe

On 10/12/21, Marda <marda.pianist@...> wrote:
There is also the dexcom line of cgm products.  I don't know how they
compare but I know medicare covers them if you 2qualify.  I sdon't know
how long the dexcom goes before you have to scan it again.  It would be
interesting to hear from people who use both systems as I dont' know if
dexcom is accessible though it does work with smartphones.


On 10/12/2021 1:25 AM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:
As far as i know, the libre system is probably one of the most popular
for sighted and blind folks. it have mobile apps which you can use,
IOS or android to tab on that device, the appls will pick up the info.
if you scan that little device at the back of your arm once or twice a
day example, it will send the info to the apps, like before and after.
for example , at night while you are sleeping, how is your sugar level.
you can know its almost live result.
the sad thing is, that little tab only has 10 to 14 days, and I can't
remember how long it will last before you can't scan it anymore.
it will be a better product if it can last 30 days instead of just two

Thomas N. Chan

On Mon, 11 Oct 2021 at 23:55, Angelo Sonnesso <asonnesso@...
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The Libre system also has an app for Android.

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My friend must monitor his suger levels and has been using the
glucometer that requires sticking his finger to get blood. He's been
getting multiple errors and has had to do this several times in a
I looked for one that doesn't require the finger stick but pretty
found that one must have an iPhone for this type. My friend does not
have an iPhone. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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