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Vicki W

I just purchased a book yesterday and it went straight to my older version of Kindle on my PC. I was able to download it just fine. I have a couple of others, though that wouldn't download, so I'm guessing it's the books, not the program.

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I hope it isn't bad form to jump into this conversation but I ran into a situation where I bought a children's book via Kindle last week and the version I'm using on my PC which is an older one had the download option for this book anyway greyed out I literally couldn't download it.  I could read it on the iPhone which wasn't my first choice. I just found it strange that I literally couldn't download it as I'd been able to in the past.  Admittedly I don't buy a ton from them so has this changed are we no longer allowed to download to PC thus only able to read while pc is online?

Thanks for any light you could shed on this for me.

Take good care.


On 10/16/2021 5:08 AM, Fanus wrote:
Hello Bharet
I am starting to think that Amazon does not test the Kindle books before putting them on the site for sale. I had to return a third one this week. I could read the table of contents but from the beginning of the book itself there is only garbish on the pc or iPad screen. Here and there I can make out a word. This is very annoying and it lets me wonder if it is worthwhile to buy Kindle books. I am waiting to see if the 3 refunds come through and I suppose I shall keep on buying and returning if not accessible until Amazon eventually gets fedup with me and ask me about the problem.

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Hi all Fanus,

I was going through this thread & would also like to know what is the policy of

for the print disabled accounts for the blind people from the other countries.

Thank you,

Bharat. India.

On 10/13/21, Fanus <buys.fanus@...> wrote:
Hello Ron
Thanks, I shall try.

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Ron Canazzi
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Hi Fanus,

There is a website:
Try this e-mail address: jessamyn@...
Ask her for an account for Print disabled access to

On 10/12/2021 5:07 AM, Fanus wrote:
Hello Ron
Unfortunately I live in South Africa, so it is terribly expensive to call
numbers in the US. I was hoping that there is an email address where I
could communicate with the disability department.

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Hi Fanus,

I had this happen with a book purchased on Amazon Kindle and I called
the Amazon Disability line at 888-283-1678.  They took care of it for me.

You can check out and enroll in their print disabled access
program. They can find a book that is inaccessible and many times
convert it into a form that is readable. If you qualify as print
disabled--similar to the NLS program in the USA and the CNIB in Canada,
you can gain access to proprietary books that has access to.

On 10/11/2021 12:26 PM, Fanus wrote:
Hello list
The past few days I purchased 3 books from the Kindle section of amazon.
None of these is accessible on the pc and when I load the books on my
Mini 5 I get a message "VoiceOver does not support this content". I have
purchased many Kindle books but never encountered this problem. Is there
way to read or must I just ask for a refund.

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