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Try the following:
From: Humberto Avila
What I usually do is go in Word, then press ALT+T followed by the A key. Trust me, this works still. This brings me to the Word autocorrect options dialog.
From here, I would press the Control+Tab keystroke about 3 times till I hear the “Autoformat as you type” page. Hitting Tab then brings me through all
the options available. You can turn off automatic bulleted list, numbered lists ETC, ETC and more ETC. :) :) There are a plethora and myriad of options
you can check off here.
Hope this is helpful! You can also get to the Autocorrect options dialog through the Word general options, with ALT+F, then T.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Hello, I have word 2016 on my windows 10 machine. I wanted to know how to make word stop numbering all the files I have written with word so when I open a file, it does not tell me it is the 215 file with word. I cant find where to get rid of this, I do not need word from remembering every file I type with word.  Maybe the last 3 files, not every file. Thanks Heather


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