Office 365, Can't understandhow it works

Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  I tried Office 365 for the first time today.  Well, specifically I tried Word.  It opened up as a web document, but unlike the MS office desktop app, it acts more as a browder based form than a document window, so that when I pressed Alt+F, the menu that popped up was more of my Opera browser's menu than a standard word applications menu.  So, how do I edit my documents in the traditional office desktop environment with all the editting and layouts and styling and pages and lists and all that i've been using so successfully to write my office reports using office 365?  Also, I found that I couldn't reactivate my desktop office 2019 anymore, simply because I've had to get a new pc to replace my old one, and it seems that I can't reactivate my licensed office 2019 because of the change in my computer's ID? Funny enough,  my licensed Microsoft Office 2019 wasn't listed in my account as one of the products that I owned.  Rather the Office 365 trial that came with my new PC was listed.  It seems that that came about because I bought the subsription to One drive business, and unknown to me, Office 365 came with the deal.  What a wonderful world of software deals we live in today eh?  That aside, can anybody inlighten me on how to get going with the web version, for it seems to me that it is, of Microsoft office, aka Office 365?  Cheers!

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