Re: What is The most durable way to mark the touch panel on a dish washer?

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I have an over-the -stove microwave.

I had my sister mark 15 of the   touch-panel items with those small dots.  I don’t know what brand.  They are about the size and shape of a split pea.  You just peel them of the sheet and stick them on.

In 8 years, 2 have fallen off and that  has been in the last month or so.

Guess what 2 fell off?

You got it, 1 and 2.

I  these 15 dots probably cost about a buck.

I got them from the braille superstore here in Canada.  I think they are  similar to the ones sold by maxiaids.

They come in a little sheet of 40 and cost a few dollars.


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Tell them they need to give you a ADA compliant dishwasher for your disability and you will not pay rent until it happens

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Hi all,


The maintenance department at my apartment complex is installing a new dish washer in my apartment early next week.  I did not get any say so concerning what kind of controls it comes with.  I have recently learned that it will have a touch panel.  Therefore, I will need to mark it.


Is there any glue on product that will with stand the heat, humidity, and daily cleaning of the front of the dish washer?  Or, is there some kind of an overlay product that I can hold up to the panel to assist me in selecting different functions.


For now, all I know is that it will either be a Whirlpool or a Kenmoore.




James B    

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