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Rather than inventing the wheel I'll just send you to this link which tells you about all the plans and pricing. I hope this helps.

Take good care.


On 10/25/2021 2:22 PM, Madison Martin wrote:

How much does it cost, do you remember?


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Hi Madison and all,

I'm not sure there's an email provider that filters nothing but I myself understand what you're saying and after swearing I'd never change email addresses again I defected from and signed up with

It is however, a paid service if you wish to use it in an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or the mail app on a smart phone.

I was so pleased during my thirty day trial that I signed up for 3 years. But you can pay monthly or annually. Setting it up in an email client is very similar to doing so with something like iCloud or GMail when 2 factor authentication is in place. I.E. you have to generate an app specific pass code which is entered once and then remembered and you're in business.  You don't have to enter any settings manually as during set up most clients with which I've entered things have entered all defaults just fine that is if you're using IMAP which I am.

I have no affiliation with the company I'm just a happy user.

As for filtering I still get a few emails going to spam folder but nothing I can't easily retrieve and mark as not spam but these are usually email newsletters from places like CNet for instance. Most mail that's important to me is going where it ought.

Also like GMail you have to set up any mail rules or filters for sorting mail into subfolders on their web interface but doing so is very easy and accessible with screen readers and once done it's set it and forget it and any client through which you access mail will show your mail placed where you set it to be.

I hope that helps.

Take good, good care.



On 10/25/2021 12:35 PM, Madison Martin wrote:

Hi all,
Does anyone know of any email services (if that's even the right word for them,
sorry if it's not) that don't filter messages at all? The reason that I ask is
because I had a gmail account (I actually still have it but I don't use it
anymore) but I stopped using it because I found out how much gmail filters
messages and this annoyed me. I switched back to an account with my ISP, but now
I'm having all kinds of problems with their filtering marking messages that
aren't spam as spam which means that I don't recieve them and now I'm constantly
worrying about whether or not I'll get a message or not and also about what
messages I'm not getting because of their filtering. There are newsletters that
I've signed up for that I'm pretty sure are being marked as spam and so therefor
I'm not getting them, I've added these addresses to my safe senders' list on my
ISP's webmail preferences but this has not solved my problem. When I was
subscribed to these newsletters with my gmail address they'd come through just
fine, but I really want to have all of my emails being sent to one address, I
really don't want to have to have to be checking multiple addresses all the
time. The reason I changed addresses is because I asked my ISP and they told me
that they don't filter to the same extent that gmail does. I totally get that
they need and want to protect people from spam and such, but when you're not
receiving all emails sent to you because they're thought to be spam when they're
not then that's no good either. I've asked them and they say that they can't
turn off the filters (if I have to deal with spam then I really don't care if it
means that it prevents other emails from being marked as spam and therefor I get
them which is all I really want) and I haven't gotten any response from them
when I've asked them to look into emails that aren't spam but are being marked
as such by their filters. This is really frustrating and worrying me and I'm
really not sure what else to do so that's why I'm asking about this. If anyone
is wondering I use the latest versions of Jaws, Office 365 (as I use Outlook to
access my emails) and Windows 10 pro and I don't have any rules or filters set
up in Outlook. Really hope someone has a suggestion, as I really want to do
something about this as it's driving me nuts, please don't tell me to just
unsubscribe from the newsletters. Sorry for such a long message, any
help/suggestions will be very much appreciated!!!! Thanks

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