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I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.  The phone I got from TMobile is a Kaios (spelling) phone.  I assume the phone you are asking about is made by Alkatel (spelling) the company that made mine.

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So the Go Flip 3 on Verizon is not the one with KaiOS.

The one with KaiOS is the one that has all of the FB and YouTube stuff.

That KaiOS phone only works on T-Mobile.

The FB and YouTube stuff isn’t accessible.

I’ve  found the google assistant to be horribly slow.

I also don’t  like the call quality.

Yes, the menus do talk.

I haven’t tried texting on it and am no longer subscribed to the T-Mobile prepaid plan.

I got this phone to try it and a  plan thru T-Mobile so I could give it a go after wondering about I it for  3 years.


If you subscribe to the TechTalk list,

Gene uses it.

He can help you a lot with this device.

I’m not sure how to subscribe to it, as it is different than a regular address.





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