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Rick Alfaro

Hi. I have a pair of the Bose Tempos and absolutely love them. Podcasts and music sound quite good considering the size of the speaker drivers. Music sounds fuller than what you might think on a BlueTooth pair of sun glasses. The Tempos have a longer battery life than the other models which is why I decided on that model. They are expensive but last longer and sound better than other brands and models I have personally tried. Good luck.

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Rick Alfaro

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Hi all,

If any of you have the Bose bluetooth sunglasses, I know music sounds good but what about podcasts for example? I'm debating on buying a pair, and I'd probably listen to music a good bit with them but my main thing that I'd be doing with them for now is listening to old-time radio shows playing from an app on my phone while I'm walking on my treadmill.

I know that not everybody listens to old-time radio, but since they are mostly voice as are podcasts I thought I might be able to get a good idea if the glasses are something I'd like by knowing what podcasts sound like. Right now I have a neck speaker hanging around my neck when I'm on the treadmill with my ears uncovered, and sometimes I can hear what I'm listening to and sometimes I can't and that's with the volume of the phone and the volume of the speaker around my neck both set at maximum.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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