Popping in Outlook has been resolved✌


Hi friends

As Mike asked, here is what a good friend of mine who works with Sparrow did. she tandem just now and the instructions are below.

This totally removed that annoying popping noise.🎉

in my outlook.

Note that I do not have 365 and it still worked for me.

For the top and bottom tones, this indeed is a bug.

I also had a issue with my contacts, Jaws 22 was not reading my contacts and this to has been reported. Most likely it will be fixed soon.




I have some steps to try to solve.

Please give me a fewSteps for removing auto complete sounds in MS outlook 365:
#1 Open MS outlook.
#2 Press Insert+6 to create a configuration file for MS outlook.  Press CTRL+S to save the file.
#3 Now switch to the JAWS window.
#4 Alt+U for the Utilities menu, select Explore Utilities folder.
#5  Press   E until you hear Explore my settings.
#6  Open outlook.jcf with notepad and paste the following text to the end of the file :

;  sounds for when autocomplete list appears and disappears,
;  for message header fields when entering contacts.

#7 Save the file and restart JAWS.

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