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chris judge

No they are essentially headphones in the shape of sun glasses. The sound
comes out of each arm, or whatever they're called, and it is directed
towards your ears. They're great for navigating because you have your ears
clear, but they don't have any base to speak of. Music is ok if you are just
walking around and want tunes in the background, but if you really want a
nice experience while listening to music these aren't the way to go, at
least in my opinion and others will disagree. I'm fussy when it comes to my
music as is apparent by the plethora of Sonos speakers throughout my house
and man cave.

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Woe dude,

$250 are these prescription glasses?

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Sis Donna, the Bose sunglasses come in a few flavors! And, since you're in
my village, please take a trip to Bestbuy and play with them to your heart's
content before shelling out nearly $250 or thereabout for one. Walmart or
Microcenter might have them too.

So, dear sis, buy an extra pair, put them near the chimney, Santa will pick
'em up for me, she comes by in November. Enjoy and have a splendid,
beautiful day!

Denver, Colorado

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