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I’m looking on amazon. I suppose I can contact the manufacturer.


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Well my desktop keyboard has 101 keys on it but that includes two windows keys, two alt keys, two control keys, two shift keys, a print screen key and a couple of other keys I don't use plus a six pack with insert, delete, home, end, page up and page down and a full number pad.  For a laptop you wouldn't get the duplicate keys but I would make sure it had at least the number pad and an alt, control, shift, windows, application, home, insert, delete, end, page up and page down keys in addition to a caps lock key and the usual qwerty keyboard.  I haven't used a laptop in a long time but I remember the old one I had not having all these features and it was harder to use.  If you don't use jaws though and don't enter a lot of numbers you might not find the number pad as useful so that all may not matter to you.  If you're not sure whether the laptops you're interested in have the keys you want why not contact the seller and ask what keys it has?


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I’m looking online as I’m in the market for a new laptop. I’m looking at refurbished laptops. My question is and thus far I have read 10 descriptions for different laptops. Here’s my question.

How will I know if it has a full size keyboard? I use to think if it’s a 15 inch model that will have a full size keyboard and anything below, will not.

I don’t have enough sight to look at the photo to verify if it has a full size keyboard.

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