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It's not that long. Mine isn't.
Also, the blinking blue light appears after you put the k cup in and close
the top and have water in it. Outside of that, it's just a regular blue
I'm thinking about getting the old school coffee maker to put coffee grounds
in as I'm tired of k cups, it's not strong enough for me.
The only reason why I got the machine we are talking about because it makes
coffee quicker than you can sneeze and wash your hands.

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OH, Kimsan, what a thing to wake up to.

Thanks. You are good and clear. I thought my daughter-in-love said it made a
sound - sounds all good.

Incidentally, the cord looks really short, like maybe 4 to 6 inches. My
husband told me not to pull more, but I think it is bound to be longer. Is

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The three buttons go from small, medium and large.

Small is at the top and large is at the bottom.

There is a blinking blue light next to the three buttons we are talking

After you get the coffee going, it will make a sound indicating you're in
business. Just wait after the sound starts and after you hear coffee
pouring, you'll know. Just remember to put a cup there. Lol

I was so tired one morning, I forgot to put the cup there, and I pushed the
button, dang, it was a hot mess lol.

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My Keurig coffee maker came, but, then, of course, I need to get some

Here is my question. It says about light blinking and then being steady.
Does it make a sound?

There are three buttons other than the Power Button. Is the one farthest
away or closest for the largest (12 oz.) cup?

Thanks for some direction.

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