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John Holcomb II

Why do you hate the laptop so much?

Also its called an All-in-one.

You can find Windows 11 towers on and other places.




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I couldn’t find any desktops for Windows Ten other than  ram being only I3, and I don’t want that.  I’m not for sure if all the Windows 11 machines are not going to have the towers anymore, but Wow, that sure is nice.  I think if it needed to be worked on, it wouldn’t be that difficult       to take it to Best Buy.  I even asked at Best Buy yesterday if they could take a look at my Windows 7, and they said they don’t go to the house to repair computers anymore, and that people will need to bring the computer in for repair.  I can’t stand using this Laptop in which I just bought last Jan of this year.  




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How important is no tower?  I haven’t seen the kind of computer you are discussing, but I’ve seen brief discussions of them off and on.  Based on what you say, you may be paying a lot for miniaturization. 


Also, I hope others discuss repair, if it becomes necessary.  Is it practical to repair such machines? 


I would think that, on sale, you could get a machine for six hundred dollars, perhaps less that would meet your needs.  Do you actually want two computers or do you want a desktop since you no longer have one?  If you get an external keyboard, you can operate your laptop as though it were a desktop. 



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HI Everyone,

Well, since my Windows 7 stopped working. I am wanting to buy a new desktop computer, as I hate laptops.  I was at Best Buy yesterday, so I thought as long as I am here, I decided to look at the new Windows 11.  I saw one I really liked, but I didn’t like the price in which was 13 hundred dollars!  LOL!  The main thing about this computer I really did like is it had no tower, the hard drive, ram, fan, just everything that is in the tower, is in the monitor,  and the monitor isn’t all that big.  It also didn’t have a cd drive tray, but I’m not for sure I would need that anyway.  So, my question is has anyone seen these new computers like this, and if so, can you please share your thoughts?


Thank you in advance.




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