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Monte Single

Hi Melissa,

The majority of people who buy scanners, even the low end ones like the Canon you mentioned, use them to scan photos and images.
They all have resolutions equal to or higher than what you mentioned.
The resolution fo the average scanner has been much higher than the resolution use to scan for OCR.
The difference is that a lot of scanners have attachments and
Lids which give better results when scanning pictures.
Quite often, scanners like Canon, Epson and hp have the word "photo" in the scanner model name. I think there are extra lightrs in the lids.
Do a search on amazon or a site of ;your choice, with;
"Epson photo scanner"
In the search field.
Or what ever brand you like............................................................................

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I'm having to need a high resolution scanner for work. This deals with pictures and not so much with any text/documents.

I was looking up good quality resolution scanners and I think I need a resolution of at least 1200 or 1200 dpi. The speed it takes to scan doesn't matter. I would like to purchase something that costs no more than $150 and I would like something very easy to use, I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. As long as the pictures are good quality and I can save and then send those pictures in emails and such that's really all I need.

I was looking at:
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner, 1.7" x 14.5" x 9.9"

This costs $69 and is on Amazon.

I would be using this type of scanner with my Win 10 PC and using JAWS if any of that matters.

If anyone has any recommendations about this sort of scanner or another brand that is easy to use it would be appreciated. I don't deal with a lot of picture/visual tech so need some help here.


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