Re: removing book marks from firefox


I’ll give the procedure and then discuss other aspects of working with book marks and history in Firefox you may find useful. 
Move to the bookmark you want, open the context menu, find delete and press enter.  Or open the context menu and just ;press d, the shortcut command.  There is no are you sure message.  The deletion occurs immediately.
Do you know how to search book marks?  It’s a little cumbersome in Firefox, but it may be much less cumbersome than going through and deleting a lot of book marks.
Also, I  search history instead of using bookmarks in Firefox where I have a history entry for something.  Its faster and easier to  do that in Firefox than to search book marks.  I still have bookmarks for such entries so that if anything happens to the history, I still have the bookmark to conveniently find the site or page again.

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how does one go about removing bookmarks from firefox, if it is at all possible.  My copy of firefox is drowning in bookmarks I no longer use.

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