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heather albright

I have not updated to 11 but, does the shell apps folder still work? Cheers Heather


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Hi Jannet.  Try the following:

1.  Go to your C:\Windows directory.

2.  Hit the letter N or the letters N and O quickly until you hear "NotePad".

3.  Press your applications key and arrow up to "SendTo", then press enter.

4.  Arrow down to "Desktop (Create Shortcut", then press enter.

5.  Press Alt+F4 to exit the windows directory.

6.  Now go to your desktop and press n or N and O quickly until you get to your "NopePad - Shortcut".

7.  Optionally, Press F2, then delete starting from .exe - shortcut, so that you just get a nice "Notepad" without the .exe - shortcut bit.

8.  Enjoy.

HTH and Cheers!


On 15/11/2021 4:15 am, Janet wrote:

HI Everyone,

Well, I’m back with another issue!  Yesterday evening I had an update from Windows Ten, and the update took a little over 2 hours.  Now, since the update, I can’t open my notepad shortcut on my desktop, no matter what I do, it will not open.  I like to have the notepad shortcut on my desktop so I can write something down quickly.  I used the application key to see if that would open notepad, but that didn’t work either.  I deleted the shortcut, and created another shortcut, but I still can’t open the notepad shortcut from my desktop.  If I go through the start menu, I can open notepad then, but that is the only way I can open notepad.  I had no problems opening notepad before this recent update.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you all in advance.



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