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I wasn’t comparing it to earlier Narrators.  I had read perhaps one or two years ago that the Narrator in Windows 10 worked with  a lot of Microsoft programs but thatit didn’t with a lot of programs that aren’t Microsoft.  From what you are saying, that evidently isn’t the case now or thatit works with a lot of not Microsoft ;programs a lot of people use. 
But your comments raise the question, why have a screen-reader like NVDA if Narrator can do so much  that most people want?  Can Narrator work with the wide range of synthesizers NVDA and JAWS can?  Are its commands as easy to use as JAWS and NVDA commands?  I would think that there are good reasons that NVDA developers and volunteers put the time and effort into NVDA that they do. 

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Narrator is probably as good as a lot of screen readers in windows 10. Gene, please do not compare with the narrator in windows 7 and below, windows 10 narrator is way much more powerful.
I can use narrator to browse in brave, chrome and many chromium  browser, that's not a Microsoft product there.
I can read email on thunderbird, gmail webapp interface, outlook webapp and the lsit i can go on.
i can list so many  and i don't use the narrator as my full time screenreader due to my work environment.
What do people do much nowadays? surf the net,  check email, social media aka facebook and all have webapps and it have many keyboard shortcuts
I even tried instangram, twitter. what more can a lot of people ask?
i can use web whatsapp, unigram, and many i mentioned is not even Microsoft product yet. i can read a lot of things in windows 10, settings, device manager,  and even a lot of mmc addons.
the only thing i am yet to try to RDP to a server OS.
oh, i almost forgot, i can read thigns on putty which its also not a microsoft product

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On Mon, 15 Nov 2021 at 06:36, George McCoy <slr1bpz@...> wrote:

Narrator still has a way to go, but it's getting better and easier to use all the time.

On 11/14/2021 12:09 PM, Gene wrote:
Since I don’t use Narrator, I’ll let others answer that question, mostly.  Unless things have changed a good deal over the last two or three years, Narrator worked well with many Microsoft programs but not with a lot of other programs full screen-readers work with. 
We’ll see if Narrator users report that it works with a lot more programs now.
I’m not saying it shouldn’t be used.  I’ve seen comments indicating it works better with this or that program than other widely used screen-readers.  My impression is that that is true of a small number of programs.
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Gene earlier said that narrator isn’t a full screen reader.

So what makes a full screen reader a full screen reader?

And how come narrator isn’t that?





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