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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Yes,rajmond if you can look for me if they have "pretoria fm" I will be glad.

On 16/12/2015, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hello Thomas,

When I visit and do a search, I get results, but I don't
get any usable addresses. All I get is the Your Muze player. The steam
works in that web based player, but I can't copy the address that will
work with Winamp, Windows Media Player, VLC or anything else.

On 12/16/2015 1:43 AM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:
I personally use this program call URLSnooper. It will dig out the source
of the livestream.
But then again, if the provider kept changing the source link, you just
need to kept finding it.

But I don't use that anymore as those livestream I can find it easily in

The other website which I use is

if you can find the radio station in there, chances are, people have found
the source link and post it there.

With tunein, I don't look for them as my smart devices also can install
that program for me to listen, even on their website I can use it on my

Thomas N. Chan
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Does anyone have tips of how to go about finding the direct URL of a
station? I want to add stations to the stream, but I have to setup
custom playlists to do so, but its not easy to find the URL. Many
times it get changed, and then if I go to the website, many have
flash, and then its not possible to easily just find a URL wich can be
copyed, or sometimes they have streams available, but not in supported
formats or playlist files. I use tapinradio but from there its not
possible either as far as I can find to copy a URL over. Only ITunes,
but even then, if I cannot find the URL its difficult. I was wundering
if there is perhaps a seprit URL finder utility out there wich can
capture a flash stream for example, and get the URL and make it
available for copy? If I can manage that, and the playlist file is
wrong, I will at least be able to save it to a supported playlist. As
long as the URL have the correct streaming protocall.

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