Re: Keurig question.

Pamela Dominguez

No, they are not all the same.  I have five cup sizes, and there are six buttons for that, which are in two rows.  The sixth button is for icetea.  Pam.

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I also have a Keurig coffee maker but I do not know if all of the button on all Keurig makers are the same.  The large cup is just below the on and off switch, the medium cup is the middle button and the small cup is the bottom button.  I do not know about the lights but when my Keurig coffee stops making noise I know it is ready.  Make a few cups using clear water and you will soon have it figured out.  I really like my Keurig coffee maker.  Hopefully, I have helped you a little.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Keurig question.


My Keurig coffee maker came, but, then, of course, I need to get some K-cups.


Here is my question. It says about light blinking and then being steady. Does it make a sound?


There are three buttons other than the Power Button. Is the one farthest away or closest for the largest (12 oz.) cup?


Thanks for some direction.



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