problem with message rules and creating folders. Details inside.

Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

Hi gang,

I have a question.

I use office 365 and I have it configured in the outlook program.

In the outlook program, I have my kimsansong@..., my work email and my primary email address, kimsansong@....

What I've noticed in recent months, whenever I create a folder or message rule for my icloud account, the folder is there but after a few minutes the folder disappears and the rule becomes disabled and the newly created folders disappear.

I'm not sure if it's a outlook 365 issue, an icloud issue, or what.  After thinking about it though, the folders created for my outlook and work email, those folders and message rules work, it's just the icloud ones that do not work.

I've spoken to apple accessibility and microsoft disability, and both have said to go to the other.

If you understand what my problem is what do you think the problem is?

Thank you

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