Re: How to change Ext drive to NTFS


Note of caution:
If you format a drive you will lose it's data that's currently on the drive, so save it to another drive before formatting!
Okay now that you've saved your data on the drive you want to format to another drive try the following:
1. Go to the drive you want to format in File Explorer or Windows Explorer, but do not open the drive, only highlight it.
2. Open the File Menu navigate to, Format..., or you might find the Format... option in your context menu as well, and press enter on either one wherever you find it.
3. Tab 3 or 4 times to File System and choose NTSF from the options.
4. Tab 1 time to, allocation size, and this is probably 4096 bites by default, and this is good unless you want to change it for some unknown reason.
5. Now tab to, Format options, and if, Quick format, is selected by default you can leave it right here.
6. Now tab 1 time to, Start, and press the spacebar and wait for the okie dokie dialogue.  I don't recall if there are any other dialogues, but I don't think so.  After it's finished restart the computer and check the drive and make sure it formatted successfully.

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Would someone please remind me how to go from a FAT external drive to NTSF?

Can you change formats with files in the ex drive without losing the files?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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