new 4k tv and sound bars question

Josh Kennedy


I got a new 4k tv as a black Friday or early christmas present. It is a vizio tv with its own version of talkBack. I got sighted help setting it up but was disappointed to learn the sound from the tv speakers is a bit tinny and has almost no bass. The speakers are on the bottom of the tv and face down towards the table or stand. And this tv has no 3.5mm speaker or headphone jack on back of it. So I'll need a sound bar. I found a sound bar on amazon, its aivzio, for $70 or so. This tv sits up maybe 5 or 6 inches above the table there are legs on either end that hold it a good few inches above the table itseelf. So since I never had a sound bar can you describe them to me? Do they have separate speakers plus a bar or is it just the bar itself? And what connection do you plug them into the back of the tv to make them work? The one I'm looking at on amazon also has bluetooth to connect to phones and stuff to use as a bluetooth speaker. I can put up with the slightly tinny sound from the built in speakers for a few days but will be getting a sound bar asap since the dell speakers with their 3.5mm connector won't work with this tv and I already gave the dell speakers away to the person who helped me set the tv up. Talkback works ok on the tv but I'll mostly be using apple tv to stream stuff and sometimes watch tv with my xfinity broadcast channels package I have. I needed sighted help turning on talkback, there was no shortcut to turn it on at least not on vizio tvs.


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