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Troy Burnham

Hi Monty,

From what you described below what I had sounds like it was a form factor desktop. The monitor was separate though if memory serves, but that was probably at least 10 years ago or more so I may be mistaken about that.


On 11/28/2021 8:46 AM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi Gene,


Troy wrote in his message that his monitor sat on a box with the harddrive inside.

Sounds like a small form factor desktop with the monitor on top.

Actually,  a lot of computers  were shaped like a square or rectangular box with the monitor on top.

They were about the size of a short tower, but on the flat. And the monitor was on top.

I saw many school computer labs  of 28 to 32  machines with this configuration.



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Perhaps Troy had an all-in-one computer, with the monitor and speakers and the actual computer all in the same case.  But all-in-one units cost more for the same performance, according to what I read.  What I read was a number of years old and I don’t know if that is as true anymore but if you want a small computer, I think that is the thing to concentrate on, not whether different components are combined.


Are the kinds of small computers more expensive for the same performance or doesn’t that matter?



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Hi. There are lots of different styles of desk top pcs. They have gotten much smaller. I have a lanovo think center that's no larger than a video tape. It has 16 gig of ram and a 1 TB solid state hard drive.

Chris Judge

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Hi all,

It's been several years since I've used a desktop pc, my last several machines have been laptops because of their portability as I took them on trips.

I may be in the market for a new pc in the fairly near future though, and when I used a desktop in the past I remember having at least one where the hard drive was in like a box that my monitor sat on top of instead of having a tower. What was that called, and are pc's still made like that?



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