Re: NVDA is able to simulate the temporary place markers?

Pablo Morales

Hello Jujube,


Thank you for your quick feedback.

I took a look on this ad before and I found that it is great to create bookmarks on web pages. I might missed understood, but it is what I found. However, I am trying to select portions of a web page. The guys of FS uses a temporary place marker since it is used only to specify a beginning point to select text. Some times we need to select large parts of a web site and navigate holding down the shift key could be hard. The temporary place markers are deleted As soon as you move away from that page



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Hello, you need to install an addon in order to get temporary place markers, press nvda shift control k to add a place marker, nvda k to move forward one marker and nvda shift k to move back. Hope this helps.


On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 9:21 PM Pablo Morales <pablocmd2014@...> wrote:

Hello all,


My apologies for the NVDA users, I am not familiar with the NVDA terminology.

Is there a way to replicate the functionality of the temporary place marker with NVDA?

For those who are not using jaws, I am trying to select and copy parts of a web page as sighted people does with the mouse. Is NVDA able to do that?


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