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On 12/1/2021 1:15 AM, Monte Single wrote:

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When ios 215 came out there were changes to siri.  The ones I know about affect email and voicemaiol.  The voicemail still can't be done using siri anymore.  I think but am not sure that they fixed at least some of the email issues.  Messages used to be all right but I haven't updated to 15 so haven't tried sending messages with 15 but it's quite possible that with the latest update to 15.01.1 or whatever the latest is that siri is again affected.  When someone wrote to apple asking what was going on they said they made updates to improve siri and other things on the phone and what actually happened was that they took away some pretty important siri features that affected not only ios 15 but ios 14 as well.  I think it was extremely thoughtless of them to have gone through with the updates while it took important accessibility features away from siri just because it improved things in some other areas.  They say they will fix the voicemail features but not till future updates.  So I don't know if the message feature is faring similarly and will need to be fixed in a future update or if it is a quirky one time thing that there is a workaround for.  I will be interested to see how others answer.


I posted this to the “phones for the blind”  and thought I would try here also.OK,


Last week I switched from the iphone 7 to the new SE.

I just tried sending a message using dictation.

Siri read the message back to me and asked if I wanted to send it.

I said yes.

Then siri said I would have to use the ap.

What ap.  What’[s wrong.

This worked fine on my 7.

I know ios 15.02 is on the new phone,  could this be mucking up my life?


Not cheering yet,



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