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chris judge

That is correct unless you set up auto deposit. Once that is done the money
will just be deposited in to your account of choice. You still do have to
set up your online banking and turn on auto deposit. Madison I'm not sure
what bank you deal with. I bank with Royal and the site is completely

Chris Judge

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As best I know, E-Transfers are used in Canada but not the U.S. and I don't
know about other countries. You do have to have online access to your
account, I.e. checking, savings etc. because you have to tell the money
where to go once you get a E-Transfer email. In the email, there is a link
that asks you which bank do you want the money deposited in.

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Hi all,
This is likely a really basic and maybe even stupid question, but I know
absolutely nothing about online banking so please forgive me. I'm planning
on trying to sell some things, and I think that the only methoid of payment
that I can use is e-transfer since I don't have a PayPal account or any of
those other fancy forms of payment. Now I've never done any of my own online
banking so I don't have access to my account on my laptop, so I'm wondering,
do I need to have access to my account on this laptop in order for an
e-transfer to work, or if I just provide my email address will it still work
even if I don't have access to my account on my laptop? I hope this makes
sense, I'm using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Really hope someone
can help me, please no judgement since I'm such a novice. Thanks Madison

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