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chris judge

Hi Monte. What did you mean when you said your email address isn't part of
the ETransfer process?
The person sending the money either needs to know the recipients email
address or mobile phone number in order to send the money.
I'm kind of surprised the credit union is charging for E Transfers. Not sure
why but I always thought credit unions had fewer fees than conventional
banks. I deal with royal and with the package I have I don't pay anything
for ETransfers, I just pay a fee each month that gives me a bunch of

Chris Judge

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Hi Madison, I live in Canada and do use e transfers once in a while, great
for sending some cash to family or a friend.

I use a credit union and not a major bank, but I think the procedure and
rules are similar, here in Canada at least.
I can send an e transfer from my computer or smart phone because I have
online banking set up.
Also, I can do etransfers by going my my bank and getting a teller to do it
for me.
At my credit union, it costs a buck to sendan e transfer. I suspect the
major banks may charge more.
No, your email address is not part of the e transfer process.
Call your bank and ask there.

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As best I know, E-Transfers are used in Canada but not the U.S. and I don't
know about other countries. You do have to have online access to your
account, I.e. checking, savings etc. because you have to tell the money
where to go once you get a E-Transfer email. In the email, there is a link
that asks you which bank do you want the money deposited in.

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Hi all,
This is likely a really basic and maybe even stupid question, but I know
absolutely nothing about online banking so please forgive me. I'm planning
on trying to sell some things, and I think that the only methoid of payment
that I can use is e-transfer since I don't have a PayPal account or any of
those other fancy forms of payment. Now I've never done any of my own online
banking so I don't have access to my account on my laptop, so I'm wondering,
do I need to have access to my account on this laptop in order for an
e-transfer to work, or if I just provide my email address will it still work
even if I don't have access to my account on my laptop? I hope this makes
sense, I'm using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Really hope someone
can help me, please no judgement since I'm such a novice. Thanks Madison

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